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California Woman-Owned Legacy Brand Liquid Flower Wins at the Emerald Cup 

Nevada City, CA - Liquid Flower announces their Deep Relief Cannabis Topical wins 3rd place at the prestigious 2023 Emerald Cup. The only balm in the winner's circle, it won over all the competing balms in California. Deep Relief spent three years in development, carefully curated using high-quality organic unrefined ingredients and a unique infusion process that captures the THCa, CBDa, and other minor cannabinoid profiles of the plant. 


Unlike other products, Deep Relief relieves hard-to-reach sciatica and even organ pain. "I have seen Liquid Flower work where other topicals do not," said the former Senior Program Director Alicia Daiz of Kannabis Works. "I would confidently recommend Liquid Flower to patients, knowing they would feel relief from their toughest aches and pains." 


Deep Relief is available at over 50 California dispensaries and deliveries; a directory is available on the company website. Liquid Flower is offering year-round discounts to Seniors and Veterans in-store statewide to celebrate the win.

For more information about Deep Relief and to purchase the product, visit Liquid Flower's website.


Next up for Liquid Flower is their new Lavender and Chamomile Mineral Bath Soak. With higher potency, more therapeutic salt content, and generous size, this SKU will surely be a favorite among customers. Featuring Dead Sea and Epsom Salt, this soak has high amounts of easily absorbable magnesium and potassium, nourishing muscles and accelerating healing. Organic Jojoba oil is infused with full-spectrum cannabis and organic lavender and chamomile essential oils to increase the experience and efficacy. 


Liquid Flower has some amazing products coming in 2024. Stay tuned for updates!


About: Liquid Flower is a brand owned by women, family, and friends that originated in California in 2014. The brand is committed to providing organic, healthy, and highly effective solutions to a variety of conditions such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, skin conditions, beauty, and more.

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