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Drift Off Tincture

Balanced Calm

Focused Relief


Liquid Flower Tinctures!

Water soluble - Easily mixed with any beverage

High bio-availability

Full spectrum infusion & sonication

Great tasting

Predictable dosing

Immediate effects

Great for immediate relief of anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea, pain & more.


Liquid Flower tinctures are full spectrum, water soluble and have immediate non-psychoactive & relaxing effects when taken sublingually. They are an excellent choice for the customer looking to micro-dose. If stronger body and psychoactive effects are desired, simply increase dose and/or add to a beverage! Due to our process of infusion, homogenization and sonication (a simple chemical-free process of breaking open the cell wall with sound) the cannabinoids become highly bio-available; some studies show 80% vs. oil tinctures which are closer to 10-20% bio-available. This does not mean the tincture is more psychoactive than oil tinctures but rather more bio-available, since most of the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the blood stream when taken in small doses held under the tongue, they do not reach your liver and digestive system where most psycho-activity occurs unless larger amounts are swallowed.


Blended with organic honey, vanilla and cinnamon, it tastes great and can be added to your favorite bedtime tea, but also mild enough in flavor to be used in any beverage without overpowering.

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Liquid Flower is a Veteran, Woman & Family Owned California Legacy Brand

Manufactured in Nevada City, CA by R&R Goods, Inc.


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